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success stories

success stories

master-vigneshMaster Vignesh – He lost his father. His mother forced him to go to work. He refused and wants to go to school. His mother burnt his hand with a hot Iron rod. He ran away from home and came to Vijayawada railway station by train, there he saw a tattoo piercing man. He asked him to tattoo on his hand”AMMA(mother)”. Our volunteers rescued him and brought him to our children’s home.

He lost his mother too, recently. He is no longer a street child. We have been taking care of him. He has undergone Appendicectomy operation (laparoscopic method) on 5th september 2015. Still he smiles ! Give your blessings to Master Vigensh!

sruti Sruti – This engaging child was taken to SKCV when she was only 5 having been left on a bus by her step-father.

She had serious burns and was very frightened. She is now an elegant young lady thoroughly settled in her new home, studying well at Amodini and learning Indian Classical Dancing.

avatarSaleem, had trouble with his parents and left home when he was eight. He lived on the streets before coming to SKCV. He grew up doing well in school, moving into the IT unit helping to run the Sales side of business cards and invitations etc. through off-set litho, He was the shining light of the Dance and Drama Group, and compere, when not dancing, winning everyone over with his banter and glorious smile. In his late twenties he was called back home to replace a drunken father finding suitable husbands for his sisters. He has since set up his own flourishing business through IT and photography for weddings and functions employing 6 people. He keeps in touch with SKCV and took the video film of Manihara’s funeral as a last service to his ‘Pitaji’. He intends to be married next year.

kpKrisna Prasad came as a boy of twelve. By the time he was fifteen he was studying hard, eventually gaining a BA and wanting to become a social worker. A quiet young man he became Manihara’s right hand man often going all over India with him to conferences and frequently talking to large audiences about street children matters. He ran the office dealing with every day running of SKCV, marrying the nurse. He now has two children. He left SKCV after Manihara died and now works as a social worker consultant.

avatarBalaram came off the streets when he was 8 having been run over by a truck and sustaining an horrendous wound to the whole of his leg. After many operations he can now put his heel to the ground though he is left with serious scarring. He chose to work with the cows when he was 14 and at farming proved invaluable. He married and has two children. He later rented an auto-rickshaw but the street life was not for him and he is back at SKCV working with the farmer.

narayan2Naryan & Dilip were the first boys to join SKCV in Bombay and Pune having lost both parents and being found on the streets by Manihara. They both proved to be excellent students and went on to obtain their BA, Naryan to study further for his accountancy exams. He is the accountant for SKCV. Dilip is Fundraiser for SKCV in Vijayawada. They both have families and have settled home lives.

 seems to have been quietly part of SKCV from the beginning. He has proved to be a marvel in all aspects of IT. He taught the young ones and was part of the team who earned funds for SKCV by doing outside work. He spent a month in UK with the Nortons and was a delight, showing every sign of becoming a proficient decorator as well. He has since left SKCV and lives in Hyderabad working for the Deccan Times. He is married with two young children and keeps in touch by email with all the family he met in UK.

avatarBasha was 6 when he came home from school in Bombay to find his house burnt and his parents dead. Incredibly he travelled on the trains across India and finally was brought to SKCV by a kindly passer-by. A studious boy he does well and keeps up his Muslim religion. He is now 15 and as yet undecided which path to take but helps younger boys and joins in all activities.


avatarChenodu came to SKCV when he was 7 and settled in to a life of sport and mischief. He was a cheerful boy but never grew to normal height (tall is not coming, small is here – his words)! But at 15 he left to work in a shoe shop in town coming back for all the festivals. He married his cousin and they now have a family. He seems a happy, though still a short, young man.


avatarNirmala comes from a broken family whose mother walked out. Father put the two girls into a State Hostel from which they ran away. Nirmala’s sister, only 7, became separated and has not been seen since. Nirmala avoided pimps for several days but was rescued by the ‘Childline’ workers and taken to Amodini. She has been happy studying and is now an elegant young girl who recently married one of the Boys Village lads. She will continue her studies.