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Santosh Bhavan Night Shelter

Santosh Bhavan Night Shelter

A large, three storey building in town near the Railway Station. This houses the Head Office, Computer Learning Centre, Art Department and large rooms for the boys coming in during the evening to have a wash, change of clothes and lessons. A kitchen provides a meal in an eating area and a further large room provides a dormitory in which they can sleep in safety. A hospital room provides quiet for ill children who are treated by a nurse though a doctor can be called in when needed.

The Shelter is a busy place on a busy street and very much in the heart of the city so boys drop in all the time, hovering each day indicates their wish to come off the streets into normal life again.

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Each boy registers on arrival and at the first visit a history of his family life and reason for living on the street is recorded and a photograph taken. This can be used when trying to trace a family without the child being present. He is then given a sleeping mat and a tin trunk in which to store his few possessions in safety. This is often the first time they have been able to keep items from one day to another as possessions are stolen as they sleep.

santosh workshopsIt is staffed by a projects manager, accountant, cashier, a computer operator for the link to Missing Child’s website, 2 field staff, 1 local fundraiser, receptionist-cum-counsellor, a cook, secretary,  vocational trainer,  nurse-cum teacher and a watchman.

Units at the top of Santosh Bhavan Night Shelter provide workshops for boys interested in training for a trade rather than pursuing further education. These vary as the need arises but sign writing and computer art work are some of the trades followed. Recently the boys have gone to another agency for this training. Gardening and animal husbandry are taught at Prema Vihar Village.