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Prema Vihar Boys’ Village

Prema Vihar Boys’ Village


A 7 acre site on the banks of the River Krisna on the edge of Vijayawada, contains 6 airy bungalows for around 25 boys each and 4 further, smaller buildings for ‘old boys’ who are now married and still working at SKCV. Tamworth Anker Rotary Club, Dorchester Youth Council, SJP Foundation, the Kennedy Family and Locke (Leeds) Ltd donated bungalows. The Vegetarian Charity donated a large bungalow for multiple use; entertaining visitors, computer training for boys and domestic quarters for Matthew and family. This also has an extended veranda giving a large area for the many shows of dance and drama for which the children have become famous and are in great demand for weddings and other functions. This is all set by the river in peaceful gardens with trees, play areas and open sided buildings for lessons in the really hot weather. It is a place of great tranquillity despite approximately 120 boys living there, the river having a calming effect on all. They all have jobs on a rota so everything is clean and tidy, they do their own  clothes washing in the river and there is a rota for helping in the kitchens. They take their responsibilities very seriously but when it is time for leisure and games the noise level rises a gear or two!

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premaFields of vegetables grown by the boys are ‘sold’ to the kitchen for pocket-money. A wormery donated by Vijayawada Corporation changes garden waste into excellent, friable compost. A cow shed, donated by the Booth Family, houses the 30 cows providing milk, yoghurt and cheese. Cow dung methane produced in the Bio-Gas Plant is used for all the cooking. A large airy Dining Hall and kitchen, donated by the Kelsey Family, also serves as a function room in the ‘rains’. 

Staff include a manager, maintenance builder, 1 counsellor-cum-documentation lady, 2 cooks, 2 drivers, 1 cattle worker, 2 farm workers, 2 watchmen and 1 child caretaker.