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Non-formal Schools

Non-formal Schools


Vidyavihar Non-Formal School for Boys
A three storey purpose built building on the edge of the village contains all the class rooms. Because of the differing amount of time boys have been on the streets and their education is patchy all boys attend here until they reach the required standard for public school exams. Some have been 20 before reaching this stage but if they are keen to learn their age seems no deterrent for them.

schoolThe Vice-Principal, Keshava, is an ‘old boy’ who has taught at SKCV since he was 15! There are 12 other teaching staff covering Maths, English, Telagu (local language) Hindi, Chemistry, History, Arts and Crafts. Many boys go on to College to study a variety of subjects, some to University, studying for a B.A.

The school is on part of the farm land and very much integrated into the village. The building was donated largely by the Rotary Clubs of the German town of Altlandsberg, whose Mayor comes from Vijayawada.

Vidyavihar Non-Formal School for Girls
Amodini provides education and vocational training in order that the girls can learn to support themselves and their families in later life. A separate building, beside the dormitory building, houses the large, airy classrooms which make for comfortable learning in the summer heat. Staff number 2 vocational trainers and 6 teachers. Girls take the same exams as the boys; Maths, English, Telagu (the local language) and  Hindi, Computer Studies, Science, Arts and Crafts and Social Work plus needlework and batik printing. Many girls go on to study at college leaving by the school bus each morning. Selfridges & Co funded the building of the complex in general. SJP Foundation and an anonymous donation of £75K funded the school.