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how we work

how we work

childline booth

Contact is usually made with the children through outreach workers on the railway and bus stations and other places where they congregate.  Through the ‘Childline Booth’ on the rail station the children are encouraged to go to the Night Shelter, Santosh Bhavan, in town, which provides medical, legal and personal advice, as well as a wash, food, lessons and safe accommodation. Once they have started to rebuild their lives there by coming regularly each evening boys can move to the purpose built village, Prema Vihar. Girls are looked after at Amodini Centre.

All children are encouraged to enrol into the schools with their specially designed informal curriculum or to join one of the vocational training courses if they are not inclined to academic subjects. Children sit official exams and many have gone on to College or University and gained degrees. Most older children set up their own businesses or find work in shops or factories, whilst others have stayed with SKCV and now run all aspects of the work. This provides family support for the children and ensures the work is truly sustainable.

When ever possible, through social workers, children are returned to their families but only if circumstances are right for the child.