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Amodini Girls’ Complex

Amodini Girls’ Complex

AmodiniSKCV serving street girls
Life is especially hard for girls who find themselves alone, living on the streets. Many have run away to escape from mental, physical or sexual abuse, while others have often escaped from service where their positions as housemaids or cleaners can have impossibly heavy workloads. Once homeless, girls as young as six can be forced into prostitution by unscrupulous pimps, and no street child is ever far from violence. It is difficult to estimate the number of street girls in the whole of India, but in the city of Vijayawada alone, over 3000 girls regularly sleep on the streets and the numbers are growing. Street girls have often endured appalling situations and can be emotionally scarred by their experiences.
SKCV is committed to helping these young girls.

Amodini (Happy Girls)
The Amodini Girls complex is situated some way out of town on the road to Guntur. One large building contains the domestic rooms and dormitories which can take 150 girls. Girls at Amodini are divided into groups, containing girls of different ages. In these groups, it is hoped that the girls will find the stability and support which they have lost along with their families. A containing wall provides safety for the girls, gardens provide space for play, and a pool could provide welcome swimming but is not complete as yet. They also have a large veranda for the Classical Indian Dancing at which many of the girls excel. Girls take the same exams as the boys and go on to College if they wish. Parents who are almost entirely from Vijayawada go to Santosh Bhavan to ask if SKCV will take their girls. They cannot afford to send them to school or supervise them during the day if they have work and, because of the situation with girls on the streets, they are desperate for help. A manager, supervises the work of the whole project assisted by a counsellor, an accountant and one nurse. General maintenance of the girls and buildings is undertaken by 2 cooks, 2 wardens, 2 gardeners, one driver, one maintenance man and 3 watchmen.

Vidyavihar Non-Formal School for Girls
Amodini also provides education and vocational training in order that the girls can learn to support themselves and their families in later life. SKCV programmes for girls include training to be tailors and chauffeurs. A separate building, beside the dormitory building, houses the large, airy classrooms which make for comfortable learning in the summer heat. Staff number 2 vocational trainers and 6 teachers. Girls take the same exams as the boys; Maths, English, Telagu (the local language) and  Hindi, Computer Studies, Science, Arts and Crafts and Social Work plus needlework and batik printing. Many girls go on to study at college leaving by the school bus each morning. Selfridges & Co funded the building of the complex in general. SJP Foundation and an anonymous donation of £75K funded the school.

Amodini Amodini amodini


The outreach programs of Amodini aim to bring food, education and other support to as many street girls as possible. Several girls receive help with obtaining food for their families from SKCV, and still more are helped by the SKCV hospital at Amodini.
SKCV also helps children whose whole families are homeless and so spend most of the day alone and vulnerable while their parents work. Some parents have asked SKCV to let their children become residents in order to escape the danger of sleeping on the streets at night.