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Krishna River Festival

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that the Krishna river festival started from 12th of August and went on till 23rd August.

image3 image4All the arrangements have been made by our team. We also accommodated four hundred Red Cross volunteers at our Prem Vihar School to assist the government and pilgrims at various Ghats in Vijayawada. The entire Prem Vihar village was revamped with delightful colours and lights to get the festive look.
We started Krishna river festival  Pooja on 12th of august at 6 am.
Following are the activities conducted by us:-
  1. We have distributed 5000 free passes to the donors to have access to our SKCV River ghat and free food. Till now 3500 donors with their members of family visited our Premvihar ghat and had  holy bath in the river Krishna.
  2. The Red Cross society generously provided us with fifty volunteers to look after the arrangements.
  3. Government and Redcross  also provided us with wheel chairs for the comfort and care of elderly and also with six ambulances.
  4. Hygienic food was prepared and served by our team to all our donors, who visited our ghat.
  5. Mobile toilets were arranged by the government for good sanitation and comfort of pilgrims.
  6. All our employees have gracefully volunteered to oversee the arrangements and to receive our donors.
  7. Cultural programs were conducted to entertain the guests.
image2I am glad to inform you that
  • We had received generous donations in cash and kind from the visitors.
  • The Red Cross society till date has funded us a sum of Rs.3, 50,000 (three lakh fifty thousand rupees)
  • We also got assurance from the Red Cross for a further fund of Rs.4, 00,000 (four lakh fifty thousand rupees).
  • We have received donations during River festival for the 12 days Approximately Rs 10,00,000 (10,000 pounds) and general donations App. Rs. 9,00,000/
We received 3 tones of Rice as part of kind donations.
I will send all the other reports soon.
Thank you.
With regards
Dr Sridhar