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Amodini Girls Home-Kaza – Sept 2017

Amodini Girls Home

Events and Activities held during the 1st week of September -2017

01-09-2017: Amodini Girls Home – Today is the 2nd day of Craft Exhibition arranged by Mary’ Stella College, Vijayawada. Our Children exhibited their products and collected amount of Rs.3035/- by sale of articles prepared by them.

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Amodini Girls Home, Kaza – August 2017

Amodini Girls Home

03-08-2017: Amodini Girls Home – Miss Vinnakota Srilatha garu from Mogalarajpuram, Vijayawada Donated special dinner to our children. She spent some time with our children. Children enjoyed her fellowship… [Read more]

04-08-2017: We have celebrated Varalakshmi vratham at Amodini. Children participated in Pooja. Children learnt traditional values and enjoyed a lot… [Read more]


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SKCV PREMAVIHAR BOYS HOME01.09.2017: Sri.D. Ramakrishna Garu from Rayanapadu Village near Vijayawada, visited Premavihar Boys Village and provided Special Dinner in memory of his father Late.Sri. D. Appala Swami. They enjoyed our children’s fellowship. [read more]

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PV Activity Report for September 2017




Events and Activities for the Month of AUGUST-2017

05.08.2017: Sri.B.V.V. Satyanarayana garu donated Special dinner on the occasion of his Birthday. Children enjoyed lot. They enjoyed our children love and fellowship… [read more]

06.08.2017: Our Donor Sri Ravindra garu and Sneham Charity members celebrated 100th breakfast at Premavihar. Our Chairman Sri. Dr. Sridhar Reddy garu also participated in this programme. This programme was celebrated in a grand manner. Children enjoyed lot… [read more]

13.08.2017: Our Donors Sri Ravindra garu, Sri. Dinesh garu and Sneham Charities on the eve of 100th breakfast, took our premvihar children to Hailand (Picnic Centre). Children enjoyed Raids and water games and had lunch and snacks… [read more]

15.08.2017: We have celebrated Independence Day at Premavihar. Our children participated and preformed choreography during Independence Day celebrations at Railway Stadium and Police Parade conducted by South Central Railway and A.P. Police Department. Our children got Rs.2500/- prize money through Railway Divisional Manager for the choreography performed at Railway Stadium. Hope for Smile Organization members (NGO) distributed cake and fruits to our children… [read more]


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PV Activity Report for August 2017



Letter from K.Chandra, Chief Coordinator

Respected Diane Nice Madam,

Greetings from All at SKCV Children’s Trust.

This is to inform you that the SKCV Children’s Trust was approved by the Child Line India Foundation Mumbai for establishing Child Help Desk in Vijayawada Railway Station. The Child Line India Foundation is the Nodal Agency for selecting any NGO for establishing Child Help Desk in the Railway Station identified by the Railway Board. The SKCV Children Trust has been maintaining the Child Help Desk since October 2016. As per the instructions issued by the Child Line India Foundation 1 Co-ordinator, 1 Counselor, 7 Team Members and 3 Volunteers were selected by the SKCV Trust for maintaining the Child Help Desk. The Team Members and Volunteers will attend to the Railway Station Vijayawada 24 hours and rescue the Children who run away from their Homes due to various reasons and land in Vijayawada Railway Station. The details of the rescued children will be recorded at the Child Help Desk with the knowledge of Railway Police Force and they will be brought to Night Shelter maintained by the SKCV Trust. Within 24 hours the rescued children have to be produced before Child Welfare Committee constituted by the Government under JJ Act. As per the orders issued by the CWC the rescued children will be handover to their Parents/Relatives or they will be provided shelter either at Premavihar/Amodini, if they do not have Parents. Everyday an average of 5 to 10 children are being rescued by our Team Members and Volunteers. Among the rescued children Girls are also there.

In this process the Team Members and Volunteers are facing some difficulty for brining the rescued children from Railway Station to Night Shelter and from Night Shelter to CWC vice versa. In case of Girls the Team Members are facing much difficult for bringing them from Railway Station. If the Girls who are rescued, do not have Parents they are to be provided shelter at Amodini. Even during hard hours in the Night Girls are being rescued by our Team.

In this circumstances mentioned above, to overcome the problems that are being faced by the Team Members and Volunteers the Trust Board of SKCV Trust has unanimously resolved to purchase “EECO” Maruti Van at a Cost of Rs.4,31,000/- (Four Lakhs Thirty One Thousand Only) by meeting the expenditure from the Local Donations . This is for your Kind Information.



Chief Coordinator